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The Radio y Television de Andalucia (RTVA) is the leader in the current audiovisual market of the South of Spain. It is a Corporate Public Agency own by the Government of Andalucia (Junta de Andalucía). Its beginnings go back to the end of 1988 and to February 28th 1989, when Canal Sur Radio and Canal Sur Televisión started broadcasting, respectively. The Agency focuses on the audiovisual market, a sector that has notably grown during the last years in Andalusia thanks to its start-up.

A few years later from the launching of the terrestrial radio and television, RTVA started satellite broadcasting in February 1996. This is the most important fact in the evolution of the audiovisual sector and how RTVA adapts to it. From September 1996 on, the Agency embarked on an unprecedented modernization and diversification process since its beginning.

From that date until the ends of 1998, new branches of the company have been created, such as Canal 2 Andalucía (nowadays named Canal Sur 2), the second terrestrial television channel; Andalucía Televisión (trademark name of the satellite broadcasting), Radio Andalucía Información, Canal Fiesta Radio and the Fundación Audiovisual de Andalucía.

Law 18/2007, December 17th, of the radio and television of autonomic ownership administered by the Corporate Public Agency of the Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA).